Program Overview

Say Hey!®

A quarterly gathering created to honor new professionals of color who have recently relocated to Oregon or Southwest Washington (aka Honorees) and help them connect with our region's multicultural community. This event brings together business and public sector leaders, community organization representatives, and other individuals to help make the honorees feel welcome and more immersed in their new community. Employers can leverage this program as an extended onboarding experience for their new staff of color. Sponsorship for this event is available only to Platinum PiD members. 

  • Happy Hey Hours — a series of small gatherings for Honoree Alums to re-connect and also learn about opportunities to be more integrated in our region.
  • Family Connections — a yearly event that brings Honoree families together to experience new spaces for friends and families.

Say Hey! for Interns

A new and innovative networking event focused on summer interns of color working with PiD member employers in Oregon and Southwest Washington. Young people from all over the nation come to this region for summer internships. This program, offered early in the summer, helps jumpstart the networking experience while showing off the best of our region as a great place to work and live. Tabling opportunities exist for this program. Sponsorship for this event is available only to Platinum PiD members.


Breakfast for Champions

A members-only educational program. Held in January, April, July and October, this event brings HR and diversity practitioners together to network with one another and share best practices through expert panels, presentations, and open dialogue with a focus on recruiting, retaining or supporting professionals of color. Space is limited for Breakfast for Champions, therefore, registration is required. Sponsorship for this event is available only to Gold and Platinum PiD members.


Diversity Forums

  • CEO Diversity Forum - held biennially, Partners in Diversity’s CEO Diversity Forum brings together chief executives from around the region to discuss various topics on diversity as a “must have” commitment from the top. This forum is a safe space for chief executives to discuss successes and challenges encountered while working to diversify their workforce and create a welcoming, inclusive, and supportive work environment for professionals of color. Contact us for sponsorship information.
  • CEO Cohort — a small group cohort that provides a safe space led by professional trainers for CEOs and executives to better understand their role in DEI work.
  • Equity Conversations — a free series of intimate gatherings where diversity influencers from any organization engage in healthy discourses on diversity, equity, inclusion, and race.
  • NW Equity Summit — a biennial convening of diversity influencers to learn from national experts on topics related to championing inclusion, equity, and diversity. Every two years.

Research Projects

  • Workforce Diversity Project — in 2014, Partners in Diversity and the Portland Business Alliance joined forces to create the Workforce Diversity Project (WDP); a three-year grant-funded endeavor that sought to understand how qualified, diverse workers could better connect to businesses that need a strong labor supply for manufacturing, healthcare and other skilled trades jobs; jobs that pay a living wage. Learn more about this project here
  • Diversity Retention Project — a research project to find solutions on how to retain professionals of color in Oregon/SW Washington. Currently in progress, research results to be released in mid 2020.

Special Programs

Partners in Diversity also hosts various other events on an ad hoc basis in support of our mission. Check back for updates.