How Do Members Benefit from Partners in Diversity?

Changing Demographics

The U.S. is changing demographically. While Oregon is currently almost 85% white, the ethnic landscape of the U.S. and Oregon is radically shifting. As a result, future employees and stakeholders will likely demand that companies embrace diversity. 

Exposure and Access

Membership in Partners in Diversity gives your company or organization exposure to Oregon’s and Southwest Washington’s strongest network of professionals of color. The group is closely aligned with private and public sector employers who are  dedicated to diversifying their workforce. Through our signature events, our roster of more than 6,000 professionals, and a members-only website and Jobs Board, your company will have a unique way to access the region’s diverse professional community. Additionally, sponsorship opportunities based on tiered membership packages increase exposure, education, and networking opportunities.


Studies show that if employees have similar backgrounds, education, and world views they tend to approach the world in similar ways. A diverse workforce can provide new perspectives and approaches to a company’s challenges. This signals to investors, potential clients, customers, and the broader community that a company is agile and backed by progressive leadership.