Job Details

Youth Care Specialist

Janus Youth Programs, Inc, Portland, Oregon

Full Time - Non-Profit

Salary Range: 15.05 per hour

Close Date: 10/30/2020

The Youth Care Specialist is responsible for carrying out the daily routines of an independent living program for LGBTQ youth on parole and probation, ages 18-24, who are re-entering the community from incarceration or structured residential settings. This position will assist the Senior Youth Care Specialist with client community safety planning, activity planning, and skill development.
In addition the Youth Care Specialist is responsible for supervision, skill development, crisis intervention, and follows through with clients regarding their Service plan, for up to twelve clients at any given time. This could include crisis management while still covering the floor and attending to the safety of other clients as well as tracking community clients all at the same time. Therefore it requires extensive exercise of independent direction and judgment as the Rivera House typically is only staffed with two staff per shift.

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