Job Details

Senior Program Coordinator / Junior Program Manager

JLA Public Involvement, downtown Portland

Full Time - Corporate/Business

Salary Range: $41,600 - $62,400/year

Close Date: 09/01/2020

Role Overview

JLA is seeking a full-time senior program coordinator/junior project manager to work on a fast-paced team. If you like to solve problems, constantly learn new things, can track lots of tasks, and are self-directed, then this is the perfect job for you. Strong written, verbal, and visual communication skills are at the core of everything we do at JLA, since we help the public talk and engage with government agencies about projects that affect their daily lives.

You will have a lot of control over your daily work activities and will be expected to reach out to senior staff and peers to keep busy. You will work closely with managers on complex projects by assigning tasks to peers, reviewing work, and completing many communication tasks on your own. A self-starter attitude will serve you well. You will keep senior JLA staff and peers on task through constant communication, tracking of deliverables, and managing budgets. You will work behind the scenes as senior program managers facilitate communication between our clients and the public. Your work will ensure that we can engage with communities about the projects that affect their lives. You don’t need to be an expert, but you will often help teach people about new things as you’re learning about them yourself — such as the importance of stormwater management, highway safety, roadway construction, and other beneficial public projects.

Job Responsibilities

• This is a junior position and you will have control over how you manage your daily work activities.
• You’ll need to be self-directed in prioritizing your time to meet deadlines, as well as helping others on the team deliver high quality products on time and within budget.
• You will help project managers track project schedules and deliverables and provide quality control review to ensure that clients receive polished work products.
• You will be juggling and tracking eight to 15 projects for multiple project managers and clients, each with multiple phases and tasks.
• You must be able to listen, ask questions, and capture key messages from meetings, conversations, and written materials. You will need to rewrite and explain complex information so that the public can understand issues related to a wide range of projects: roadway and transportation, wastewater treatment, long-range planning, and others.
• We are a client/customer driven firm and aim to keep our clients happy. You will be responsive to clients who expect us to be responsible stewards of public funds, but also members of the wider community, including those who may be upset and those who are highly engaged.

Key Experience Required

• Relevant work experience and/or Associates/Bachelor’s degree in a person-first field such as journalism, public relations, community outreach, education, event planning, politics/governance, planning, or similar.
• Great communication skills (written, verbal, visual) since all our projects are focused on facilitating information flow and dialogue.
• Project management skills to drive complex projects with collaborative teams. You will need to be comfortable working with your peers and senior project managers to keep a project moving forward.

Key Experience Desired

• Customer/client service experience at any level is critical since we need to be flexible enough to stop a task to pick up an emergency project for a client.
• Education, training, or volunteer experience related to working with people, which could include deescalation, mediation, communications, or similar topics.
• The ability to speak another language besides English and provide informal translations/interpretations at events/with the public. Professional interpretation is not necessary.
• An “eye for design” or comfort with producing documents/reports (use of headings, consistent fonts, etc.) or ease in coordinating and reviewing production with a graphic designer.
• High comfort level with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), as well the basics of project management tools from time tracking to budgeting. Familiarity with online form-based content and data management systems.

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