Job Details

Health Resilience Specialist

CareOregon, Portland, Oregon

Full Time - Health

Salary Range: DOE

Close Date: 10/09/2020

The Health Resilience Specialist (HRS) works independently and collaboratively with a team of health professionals to provide members with opportunities to improve self-management abilities, health outcomes, and satisfaction with health care.  The HRS performs a variety of key services such as intensive case management, short-term problem solving, counseling, referrals to community resources and health literacy education.  The HRS has specialized training in Evidence Based Practices providing behavioral changes, as well as experience working with diverse populations that have experienced obstacles and barriers associated with marginalization either in mental health and/or addictions work. With the knowledge of Trauma Informed Care and the skills of Motivational Interviewing, the HRS is responsible for engaging with members whose use of costly acute care services, such as the emergency department and hospital, are driven significantly by complex psychosocial issues.    

Essential Position Functions

  • Case Management.  Work independently to perform multidisciplinary assessment of members in multiple settings (e.g., home, hospital, clinic, etc.), by evaluating all relevant information to determine needs in health care, social supports and access to behavioral health services.  Utilize the Electronic Medical Records system for documentation if located at the Primary Care Clinic Make independent decisions regarding client care and care management.  Complete appropriate documentation in a timely manner. 
  • Barrier Review and Reduction.  Meet with members to identify and reduce or eliminate barriers to care (e.g., social, cultural, linguistic, education), and set effective goals with members.  Utilize a person-centered approach in working with clients by respecting their self-determination and autonomy and exploring their ambivalence by utilizing Motivational Interviewing principles.  Ensure that clients get timely access to appropriate services by promoting and modeling advocacy skills. 
  • Provider and Member Integration.  Collaborate with medical and auxiliary providers in the community to develop health care plans/goals based on identified needs and employ creative strategies to address psychosocial issues. Educate providers about social determinants of health of each individual client by attending appointments with individuals and participating in clinic multidisciplinary huddles.  Facilitate communication and positive relationship building between clients and medical providers. 
  • Work Management and Evaluation.  Work autonomously in identifying tasks, developing plans, following through on needs, and evaluating outcomes.  Report on progress and concerns as appropriate.
  • Improvement and Innovation.  Support improvement and innovation in the workplace.  Identify and participate in the development of new alternative care resources not offered by the health plan and creatively utilize community resources. 
  • Project Participation and Leadership.  Take an active role within Care Oregon by participating on and leading development teams and projects that are piloting quality improvement related to Triple Aim.  
  • Program Representation.  Represent the Health Resilience Program to internal and external customers by maintaining the highest level of respect and professionalism. 
  • Other.  Perform other duties as assigned.
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