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RFP - Consultant/Facilitator

Clackamas Workforce Partnership, Oregon

Temporary - Non-Profit

Salary Range: Approximately $25,000

Close Date: 10/26/2020

Systems Change & Alignment – RFQ Overview

For the last few years, issues of equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility – social justice practice, broadly – has been a focal point for many organizations, including Clackamas Workforce Partnership (CWP). The last year has forced a public reckoning regarding racial injustice, structural racism, economic inequality, and barriers to access and use of resources; this has pushed issues of EDIA even further into the public consciousness. Through various grant funds and strong partnerships with local and regional service providers, CWP has been able to expand our own understanding of these concepts and how to operationalize them. We have started the work but are not nearly finished.
As the steward of the local workforce system, CWP functions primarily as a convening body and an advocate, bringing together diverse stakeholders to identify and address local workforce and economic issues. We partner with almost 20 different organizations and agencies to provide education, training, and employment support services through WorkSource Clackamas, a one-stop service shop for the residents of Clackamas County. The partnering agencies that comprise the local workforce system include community-based organizations, educational institutions, and state and local government.
The large number of partners is a strength, but the system has historically struggled to develop and maintain aligned, integrated services. This web of partners can create a system of services that is complex, hard to understand, and difficult to access and navigate. Intimidation and frustration with the system often leads to people “falling through the cracks” or never attempting to access resources in the first place. This is especially true for historically marginalized communities, who may feel distrustful of institutions and systems that may not accurately reflect their community, understand their needs, or provide inclusive and responsive environments or services.
Complex systems distance those we seek to serve from reaching their full potential. Clackamas Workforce Partnership seeks to change this in partnership with community. In Clackamas County, the public-private workforce system needs a facilitator and consultant to help better align our collective services and resources to better meet the needs of people. Through community-driven and data-informed decision making, we strive for a local workforce system that is accessible, easy to use and understand, and continuously evolves to provide services that are responsive to the needs of individual customers and the county as a whole.

The ideal applicant will have knowledge of and ability to incorporate EDIA principles into structures and processes that span multiple types of agencies, and be able to effectively tie services together through a common understanding of the system, including shared mechanisms for communication, public outreach, and data collection.

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