Job Details

Construction Manager

Clean Water Services, Tigard, Oregon

Job - Government

Salary Range: $108,561.00

Close Date: 09/28/2020

The Water Resource Recovery Operations and Services Department is seeking a ConstructionManager. The position manages all services related to construction of wastewater treatment andpumping facilities for Clean Water Services Wastewater Treatment Department, done bycontractors or with District staff, on projects designed by consultants and/or with District staff,directly or with the assistance of consultants and other District staff. Ensures the Districtremains compliant with regulatory requirements during construction, while minimizinginterruptions to the operations and maintenance of the wastewater treatment facilities andpump stations.

(The essential functions listed below are not intended to reflect all duties that may be assignedto this classification. The District may augment duties and/or essential functions at itsdiscretion. Additionally, some incumbents may not perform all Essential Functions.)
1. Manage the development of the Department's construction management programs. Developstandard systems and methodologies for construction management documentation and control,training, and startup/testing services.
2. Coordinate and manage the construction and administration of multiple constructioncontracts. Oversee District inspection and consulting staff to ensure projects are built to thestandard set forth in the construction documents, while minimizing disruption to plantoperations.
3. Approve changes to design and construction contract provisions including exemptions andvariations to District design and construction standards or other ordinances, designamendments, changes to scope of work, extensions/accelerations of schedules, and changes inmethodology, equipment, or control processes.
4. Provide senior inspection of construction projects for quality control, coordinate acquisition ofvarious permits, review payment applications, and negotiate construction change orders.
5. Provide contractibility and value engineering review of design plans and specifications.
6. Oversee, organize, assign, and review staff's work; develop performance standards; prepareperformance evaluations; provide coaching and prepare development plans; assure compliancewith District safety practices and procedures.

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