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Start Date: 03/19/2021 10:30am

End Date: 03/19/2021 12pm

AREDI Series Teach-In Kick-Off Running for Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women

Join Rosalie Fish, as she describes her personal experiences with both racialized and genderized violence, as well as the ongoing crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) and the severity of impacts that occur in Washington state. In her talk, she covers her struggles with mental health, the legislative and social issues that contribute to the erasure of Indigenous women, as well as a call to action to let listeners know how they can actively contribute to combating the MMIW crisis. Finally, Rosalie walks the audience through her own story and how she became an advocate at the age of eighteen.

ABOUT THE AREDI TEACH-IN SERIES On March 19th, we will kick-off the Virtual Advancing Racial Equity Diversity & Inclusion (AREDI) Teach-In Series. Each month until February 2022, we will be focusing on different topics that will bring together community champions & elected leaders to raise awareness of racial Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) opportunities in Southwest Washington to develop action & institute change.

This work is our commitment to do our part in building a more just community through Awareness, Action and Change.

- Closed captioning and ASL/English/Spanish interpretation will be provided.
- The events will be recorded and made available to ticketed participants for later viewing.


Registration details: https://swecwa.org/teach_in/