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Style Guide Expert

Metropolitan Family Service - Social Purpose Works


Oregon, ,

Start Date: 03/08/2021

End Date: 06/30/2021

Social Purpose Works is the latest innovative program offering of Metropolitan Family Service (MFS), a Portland social service agency since 1950. What’s unique about Social Purpose Works (SPW) is the intentional focus on recruiting professionally skilled volunteers (pro bono) to tackle capacity building projects for Oregon and SW Washington nonprofits.

MFS Social Purpose Works is recruiting for a Style Guide Expert for The Illinois Valley Community Development Organization.

IVCDO is committed to collaborative programs and inclusive partnerships that improve and change lives across communities of rural southwest Oregon. With a community based strategic plan focused on People, Place, and Prosperity, they champion sustainable development for vibrant economic, social, and cultural conditions. IVCDO is also a rapid response hub and has been instrumental in disseminating accurate information during COVID and the Slater fire this past fall. IVCDO is transitioning from one very visible main project to seven major program areas. Since diversifying their programs, community members may not recognize or attribute their work to IVCDO.

IVCDO needs a professional eye to develop a style guide that conveniently brings their brand into one cohesive look. Having a style guide will cut their response time so they can serve their communities quicker, and better establish familiarity and trust.

Key Deliverables:
-Create a style guide including: Pantone color palette and RGB, CMYK and HEX conversions; typography; logo style; program/client/partner quotes; local stock pictures and videos; cut and paste messaging; templates for emails, printed communications, presentations and posters; tips for creating content (IVCDO principles and goals; voice and tone, grammar and style); and other elements you recommend. The style guide needs to integrate with Canva.
-Update existing logos to high resolution
-Document instructions for using and managing the style guide

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities Required: Branding, Marketing, Graphic Design, Canva, Training and Documentation

Education/Experience: Experience creating style guides, familiarity with Rural Communities

Resources: The Community Engagement Manager will be the project champion. Selected candidate will work with fellow IVCDO staff and board to achieve consensus on the project. Organization has a nonprofit Canva membership. Candidate will need to provide their own technology.

Work Environment/Location: Work from home.

Time Commitment: Medium size project, estimated 61-120 hours, ideally completed by June 30, 2021. Flexible with your schedule.

This is a pro bono opportunity. Please visit our website for a full project description: https://www.socialpurpose.works/opportunity/a0C5G00000VFpWoUAL