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Request for Proposals - Adult and Dislocated Worker Service

Clackamas Workforce Partnership

365 Warner Milne Road, Suite 202 , Oregon City, Oregon

Start Date: 01/26/2021

End Date: 03/11/2021

Clackamas Workforce Partnership is looking for service providers to deliver employment and training services for adults with limited English proficiency.

Clackamas Workforce Partnership, the workforce development board in Clackamas County, is a non-profit agency that coordinates and oversees the public workforce system in Clackamas County. Clackamas Workforce Partnership brings together business and community leaders, appointed by the Board of County Commissioners, to promote and expand workforce development activities to ensure the long-range economic vitality of the region. Clackamas Workforce Partnership Board is the policy and planning body for the workforce development system in Clackamas County and invests funding necessary to operate the system through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Adult, Dislocated Worker, and Youth programs as well as other discretionary grant funds. The Board is staffed by Clackamas Workforce Partnership.

The Board’s oversight responsibility includes selection and monitoring of workforce development service providers, policy development, and establishment of local performance standards.
Clackamas Workforce Partnership staff work closely with neighboring regions to assure quality services are delivered throughout the broader region and state. Workforce Southwest Washington, Clackamas Workforce Partnership, and Worksystems, Inc. formed the Columbia-Willamette Workforce Collaborative in 2011. This unique, cross jurisdictional partnership provides a unified approach to serve industry, support economic development, and guide public workforce investments. By working together, the Collaborative aligns capabilities and resources to improve the region’s ability to leverage and layer funding streams, to coordinate ideas and strategies, to pursue resources and fill gaps, to link workforce supply and industry demand, and to enable life-long learning and advancement.

Clackamas Workforce Partnership has an increased focus on equity throughout our organization and the workforce system. The successful respondent will be expected to embrace and actively participate in Clackamas Workforce Partnership’s Diversity/Equity/Inclusion initiatives.

Adult and Dislocated Worker Services
The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is designed to help job seekers access employment, education, training, and support services to succeed in the labor market and to match employers with the skilled workers they need to compete in the global economy. Every year the key programs that form the pillars of WIOA help tens of millions of job seekers and workers to connect to good jobs and acquire the skills and credentials needed to obtain them.

The enactment of WIOA provides opportunity for reforms to ensure the American Job Center system is job-driven—responding to the needs of employers and preparing workers for jobs that are available now and in the future.

Clackamas Workforce Partnership is dedicated to working with people from all backgrounds regardless of their employment challenges. All Clackamas Workforce Partnership’s service providers strive to work with people who need workforce services the most. Through this RFP funds will be targeted to serve limited English-speaking populations (primarily Spanish speaking) in Clackamas County.

The successful respondent will provide career development, training, employment, and support services using strength-based service delivery practices to limited English speaking adult and dislocated worker populations experiencing barriers to employment who live and/or work in Clackamas County. The education, training, and career services provided by the selected respondent will increase the number of adults and dislocated workers with barriers in gaining, retaining, and advancing in employment.

Workforce services will be provided to adults and dislocated workers, ages 18 and over, who meet the regulatory eligibility definitions for WIOA Adult and Dislocated Worker formula funds, with a special priority of service provided to veterans and eligible spouses. WIOA enrollments will be done in coordination with WorkSource Clackamas (Clackamas County’s American Job Center) and staff. Participants will receive services designed to help them find jobs, keep jobs, and advance in jobs. Follow-up retention services to individuals may also be required, depending on State guidance.

Occupations considered in-demand or with significant annual openings or vacancies will be the priority for occupational training Individual Training Account (ITA) funding. WIOA adult and dislocated worker service providers will use the Clackamas Workforce Partnership ITA Strategic Occupation List which lists occupations that can be funded with ITAs. On-the-Job Trainings (OJTs) are strongly encouraged to be used for occupational training and are excluded from the Strategic Occupations List requirement.

Directly and through partner relationships, the selected respondent will be responsible for providing outreach, employability assessment, career coaching, job skills training, job placement, and support services. The successful respondent will have a presence at WorkSource Clackamas after it reopens, will participate in the Local Leadership Team, will adhere to WorkSource Oregon Operational Standards, will attend Clackamas Workforce Partnership’s partner meetings, and will participate in the American Job Center system (known as the WorkSource Oregon system in Oregon) as per the Memorandum of Understanding included in the Local Unified Plan.

Submission Requirements
All proposals must be received by Clackamas Workforce Partnership by 4:00PM (PST) on Thursday, March 11, 2021. Proposals not received by this time will be automatically disqualified from competition.
An electronic copy of the proposal must be e-mailed to rfp@clackamas workforce.org.
Proposals are limited to a maximum of 20 pages, not including the requested documentation in the Administrative Requirements section.
• Include all of the required forms, narrative answers, and attachments that pertain to your proposal. Failure to do so will disqualify your proposal from competition.
• Please use 12-point Arial type, 1-inch margins and single spacing. This requirement does not apply to the documents in the Administrative Requirements section.
• All proposals are to be submitted in accordance with the terms, conditions and procedures stated in the request for proposals.
• Any submitted proposal shall remain a valid proposal for one year after the closing date of the request for proposals.

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