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Psychiatric Security Review Board - Attorney Member on Juvenile Panel

Close Date: 03/31/2021

Welcome! The Psychiatric Security Review Board is actively seeking candidates for its next Attorney Member position on its Juvenile Panel. Board Members on the Juvenile Panel conduct hearings to those youth who successfully asserted the insanity defense- responsible except for insanity (REI). In this part-time position, you will join our nine Board Members and 11 full-time staff in ensuring public safety for all Oregonians while improving the quality of life of people who live with mental illness.

All 10 PSRB Board Members are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate to one four-year term, which can be extended for a second term. Board members receive a stipend of $380 each time they are assigned to sit for a hearing day, plus travel reimbursement. Hearings are held in either Salem or Portland (held remotely during COVID-19). Typically, a Juvenile Panel member works approximately 4-6 days per year for hearings.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Applicant must be a lawyer with substantial experience in juvenile law practice.
2. Board members serve in a quasi-judicial role to conduct full and administrative hearings as required by law.
3. Board Members review a substantial volume of medical, behavioral and clinical records via paperless format in preparation for each hearing day.
4. Board Members are engaged in quarterly meetings to develop and implement the agency’s strategic plan, review and modify administrative rules, policies and procedures as needed, and conduct administrative business.
5. Board Members engage in training as necessary and assigned to fulfill their duties and responsibilities.
6. Board Members must be computer literate and have proficiency in using basic computer software and systems

Any person interested in this position and wanting to learn more may contact: Alison Bort, Executive Director by email at or telephone at (503) 229-5596. You may also contact the Executive Appointment’s office at (503) 378-2317.

Ready to apply? Submit your Statement of Interest and supplemental materials to

Agency Mission
The Board’s mission is to protect the public by working with partnering agencies to ensure person under its jurisdiction receive the necessary services and support to reduce the risk of future dangerous behavior using recognized principles of risk assessment, victims’ interest and person-centered care.

The Psychiatric Security Review Board is committed to promoting the principles of the Equity Framework developed by Governor Brown’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in its selection of Board members and in all of its business practices.

Agency Background
The PSRB is a State agency created by the Oregon Legislature in 1977 to assume jurisdiction of those persons who successfully assert the insanity defense. In the past 40 years, its success has resulted in an expansion of programs serving Oregonians. This includes its jurisdiction over youth who successfully assert the insanity defense; a firearm restoration program for those with a historical mental health adjudication; its jurisdiction over persons who commit severe criminal acts, but who are not competent to stand trial; and the reclassification and relief of registration requirements for those with a sex offender designation who are currently or had previously been under the PSRB due to that designation.

To see where the agency is headed, read our Strategic Plan or visit our website.

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