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Fire and Police Disability and Retirement Board of Trustees Citizen Trustee

Close Date: 11/30/2020

About FPDR
The Fire and Police Disability and Retirement Fund Plan provides disability, death and pension benefits to active duty and retired City of Portland firefighters and police officers as well as their surviving spouses.
The FPDR Fund and FPDR Plan are administered by a Board of Trustees (Board) who act as an independent public body. The purpose of the Board is to ensure that the provisions of Chapter 5 of the Charter of the City of Portland are followed so that Fire and Police sworn employees and their survivors receive the benefits due them, and that the funds provided by the taxpayers of the City of Portland are expended prudently. 
The Board consists of five members:

  1. The Mayor or the Mayor’s designee, who shall act as Chairperson
  2. An active member from Portland Fire and Rescue
  3. An active member from the Portland Police Bureau
  4. Two citizens of the City of Portland

Functions of the Board of Trustees
Trustees are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the efficient administration and legal compliance of the FPDR Plan. The major responsibilities of the trustees are:
  1. Prescribe rules and regulations for administration of the plan document
  2. Approve operating budgets
  3. Provide oversight of the administration of the FPDR Fund programs
  4. Approve methods for internal reporting and control
  5. Ensure overall compliance of the FPDR Plan with the appropriate governing provisions
  6. Develop and ensure ethical standards of operation
  7. Promote the long-term viability of the FPDR Plan
Board positions open to residents of the City of Portland and those with relevant experience with pensions or disability/workers’ compensation plans and administration.
Interested parties to contact Sam Hutchison, Director Bureau of Fire and Police Disability and Retirement at 503 823-5500 or 503 349-0309

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